The budget can vary widely but we can talk with average numbers just to give you an idea. If you look at the cost of a complete kitchen and you break it down into various parts, for instance, tile, backsplash, flooring, plumbing, cabinetry, countertops, you can divide them as a percentage of the total bill and understand what these various parts of your project may cost. It may give you an idea of what they may contribute to the overall cost of your project. There are many variables there to pick as an option but what we talk about is the averages, you could pick an exotic countertop material that could change that percentage rich share of the total quite a bit.

Firstly when you look at cabinetry you will see that it is going to have a major impact on the price. With your selections, you can extend or narrow the price. You can go with a semi-custom product or you can go with a more modular product where there’s less customization involved, that’s going to have an impact on just the base pricing. Most semi-custom cabinet products on base price level will be higher in price. From there you’re going to look at the different door styles and door styles based on the complexity of that door, and what it takes to put it together. Then the wood types that incorporate the finishes all of that can contribute to quite a variation and pricing. 

Wood Species and Finishes; What’s the Cost Difference?

There are lots of others, all of which can have some impact on the overall price. Such as; the wood species and finish. Painted finishes typically cost more than most wood finishes, at least with the suppliers that we represent, wood species can have a pretty big impact. More common wood species would be maple and birch, both hardwoods. They’re going to be often less expensive than some of the others, like walnut, to be an example or rustic hickory. Wood types can have certainly an impact in terms of countertops, it’s all over the map there. There could be a natural stone that you fall in love with that can range widely in terms of pricing and the same holds true for quartz and porcelain. It really comes down to what appeals to you, what’s going to work in your design, we have to look at that balance with your budget. But it is all over the map, and we worked with pricing levels, and typically, when we’re working with you, we’re going to want to talk about a budget. We’re going to want some idea of what the budget ranges for your project so we can figure out what materials to incorporate. We don’t want to be suggesting elements of design that we’re going to put you outside the budget range that you’re targeting so that budget discussions are pretty important to have. 

Door Construction: Frameless Cabinets and More

Door construction is an important part of the overall budget and it doesn’t have a big impact on pricing. But you’ll find some different terms out there when you’re looking at cabinetry. There’s a partial overlay, full overlay, full access framed versus, frameless. Those are all terms that you’re going to see. 

To explain the types; 

Partial Overlay

  • A partial Overlay door design is one in which you can see the frame of the cabinet. Parts of that frame are exposed, not covered by the door.

Full overlay

  • A full Overlay is going to overlay the frame, it’s covering the frame and that’s what’s most popular today is that these doors fully overlay the frame and you don’t see the cabinet frame, you see the doors and whatever design of the door or drawer front is what you’re going to visually see and very little of the cabinet itself. 

Frameless Design

  • A Frameless Design which really comes from Europe, having a face frame which there isn’t a face frame at all. The cabinets are constructed differently. As a result, it looks like a full overlay. You don’t see a frame because there isn’t one, and then inside there is more room just based on its construction you get about 15% more usable space with a frameless design versus a frame. It can give you a little more usable space and can also save you money because the construction method does save some money during the manufacturing process, which could be very helpful. 

Price Considerations on Countertops

One of the major cost items will be countertops that could be a larger portion of that overall project cost or a lesser one depending on the material choice. If you’re going to decide on porcelain versus quartz or a natural stone what some of the considerations might be, this goes back to how you’re going to use your kitchen and what’s important to you, and what concerns you. The look of marbles is very popular. We do sell a lot of natural marble, which is beautiful. But there are some precautions and you need to understand what the issues are, that’s including how we protect and stand and the idea that staining can still occur.

Depending on the material, there are considerations. That’s something we spend some time on because this is a thoughtful process, each element of the design you should spend a little time on to make sure that what you pick is obviously first and foremost going to be appealing to you aesthetically, that it’s going to meet your budget consideration and also is going to function in the way that works best for your lifestyle. These are all considerations and when you’re spending good money, you want to make sure when this project is complete and for the years that follow that, this investment performs well for you, that you don’t have a lot of issues. You should do a thoughtful design and material selection on the front end and then there’s less risk of having disappointment later.

What You Should Know About Countertop Material Pricing

When people are looking to replace their countertops, the first question they often ask us is pricing. Pricing varies widely depending on your material choice and can make a significant difference in the total cost of your project. For example, natural stone materials such as granite or marble may be more expensive upfront than quartz or porcelain but will also last longer and require less maintenance over time. 

Varied Natural Stone Countertops for Your Home

There are a lot of natural stone choices that could be lower in price than the quartz or porcelain options, but also understanding that a lot of those choices are now somewhat dated. When granite started to hit the scene replacing laminate countertops and a lot of those patterns were what we call level one patterns, they’re very tight condensed patterns, some of those colors you may be familiar with. These were all popular level one colors, and their popularity has waned in terms of people doing new designs. You’ll still see quite a bit of that material used in commercial and presidential, rental apartments, and so forth, but less in new residential remodel designs. Because people are looking for the look of marble, bigger flowing patterns, and less tight busy ones.

Then quartz kind of does range quite a bit and porcelain is similar to quartz in terms of its price ranges. With quartz, it’s a manufactured product, what we call an engineered stone, and its 90+ percent natural material. It’s quartz the mineral, which is ground and added with resin and color and so forth and pressed into slab form. It’s man’s interpretation of nature just coming up with his/her own design ideas, and maybe not taken from nature at all. But where quartz is interpreting nature it quite captures the realistic look of what porcelain offers because it’s an actual image with porcelain, they actually take a high-resolution image of a block of stone, and then they use high-resolution inkjet technology to transfer that image onto this porcelain substrate and it gets baked at very high temperatures and so forth to finish the process. When it’s done it looks like the real thing. 

Renovo Stone Inc

Porcelain: Contemporary Inexpensive Solution for Kitchen and Bath

Porcelain can also be a more contemporary setting without it. Some people want bright white and solid color, there are lots of different contemporary designs that aren’t an image. Also, natural stone and some solid colors and textures are pretty unique and look great with a more contemporary setting.


What Your Back Splashes Says About You

We do a fair amount of backsplash design and usually, the way we would look at this is to think about the room. When you think about where the eyes are going to be drawn when you look into it, you’re going to start somewhere and that feature could be the cabinet, wood species and door style, and just the arrangement of cabinets. That’s going to be the essential building block that we’re going to start with. It may be that you’ve fallen in love with a certain countertop material, and we’re going to complement it and work around it with a complimentary material or maybe you’ve got a large wall and you want that wall to be the focal point of the room and coming up with a title design or a backsplash material might be full hype countertop backsplash that’s going to run up the wall that’s going to provide a unique look and be the feature in the room. It’s important to think about where the eye is going to be drawn and you don’t want it to be drawn. That’s something we can help you to do. We have lots of backsplash, tile, flooring options. When you come in, you can look at what we have and we don’t have it all, but certainly, anything that you want from our manufacturers we can get samples of and get them into you.

Which kitchen cabinets are easy to clean? 

Cabinets that don’t have a lot of embellishment on the doors. What that means is, if you have a door with a lot of detail such as; little grooves and things in the doors and drawer fronts that make it harder to clean. What’s popular lately is very simple door styles. Such as slab door styles. There’s not a lot of detail and slab front doors are very easy because they’re just flat. The door style is what matters, the internals, they’re all going to have an interior that’s easy to wipe down. Either it’s a wood look or it might be more of an acrylic. There are different options internally, but many of them have been produced to be easy to wipe. 

What makes a kitchen project more expensive or more economic?

It goes back to these material choices. Cabinetry plays a significant role in the overall final price of your project. Cabinets can certainly be an area where you can spend more or less. We have cabinets that we actually assemble in our showroom that are of good quality that would be the most economical and then we could go up to the semi-custom where you can get just about anything you want. But there is a price to pay for that. In terms of countertop materials, the same thing.

What’s important there is that you come in and be willing to talk about your budget with us. We have some idea where you want to be and hopefully, we try to select products and put together an offering that allows us to really cover a wide range of budgets. We want to welcome every customer and want to hope that we have a solution for everyone. But certainly, the cabinets and the countertop materials are going to have an impact. You can go more budget-friendly or spend more on either. 

How long will kitchen cabinets last? 

They should last a lifetime if you don’t get bored with them. Why are cabinets replaced? If you have a kitchen now, you probably have cabinets that are still functioning for you. You should know that; what your motivation is for changing? It’s likely that you’re just tired of them wanting to update the look cabinet to still function, but that you just want a different look or you have changed your lifestyle in some way. The function of your kitchen needs to evolve with your lifestyle change and that could be another reason to do so. In most cases, more than not it’s going to be you getting bored with it, or your lifestyle has changed in some way and you want to change the layout or update in some fashion. But you can get a lifetime warranty on cabinets, and most cabinet problems; reveal themselves pretty quickly.

Usually what happens is; that will install a kitchen, and there are a couple of warranty items. Once those are corrected, which would be part of our warranty process, that’s usually the last you’ll ever have to deal with. It’s just following the maintenance instructions from the manufacturer. They’re usually very simple, there isn’t much to it. You should get a very long life. The other area where you can see life shorten is when you have water damage. If you have quite often the sink base where it starts if you have a leak in your sink base and that water starts to run through eventually those cabinets are, they’re going to soak up that moisture and be compromised. That is where we see that another motivation for replacement is the cabinets have been compromised due to water.


 It doesn’t matter what you choose, we know you will be happy with the outcome.

Renovo Stone specializes in high-quality tiles, giving customers the ability to customize their bathroom any way they want. We would be happy to guide you as you select the right patterns, colors, and materials to change up your space. If you have any more questions about our tile options, don’t hesitate to ask. Our professionals are knowledgeable when it comes to tile, and friendly when it comes to customer service.