Renovo Stone has years of experience with renovating and installing bathroom countertops throughout Los Angeles. We offer high quality bathroom countertops and expert installation and renovation services. We have positioned ourselves as the premier installer of any project for your unique spaces.

If you are interested in renovating your bathroom, we can help! Replacing your countertops is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make as a homeowner and there are numerous options for you to choose. Here are some important points for making the perfect decision: Do you want a brand new bathroom design, or are you limited to what you have? Our knowledgeable designers can offer options for any budget and a wide range of styles.

Use Only The Most Experienced Bathroom Countertops Installation Company For Your Bathroom Renovating Needs!

Ready to have a remodel? Give us a call to find out why our company is hailed as the industry leader.

Bathroom Countertop Renovation Experts Serving Los Angeles

There are many types of materials to choose from for your bathroom remodel. Our showroom in Los Angeles provides many of these choices. Come by, let our staff help you find the ideal countertop for your project.

Renovo Stone provides the best countertops with attention to detail. The process can often seem daunting, but the possibilities are endless. We offer a wide variety of countertops that can fit into your particular remodeling needs. Let our vast selection of bathroom countertops be the perfect addition to your bathroom remodeling project.


Our Los Angeles countertop store specializes in sourcing only the highest quality of granite and quartz from around the world. Whether you seek sleek and subtle or bold and beautiful, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.


We encourage both walk-in and scheduled visits. We’re happy to serve you and give you a realistic estimate of the cost and timeline for your countertop project, which is typically done on-site.


Our slab yard and office location is where we source the best stones for our customers. We have a huge selection of quartz and granite slabs with backsplashes to complement your stone selection.


Our experienced team not only helps you choose the best stones for your project, but they also help ensure that every step in manufacturing to finishing will produce a flawless final product.


Our craftsmen will remove your old countertops, sink and faucet. If necessary, they will also install new tops for you while installing your 25 year sealer. Countertops typically take just one day to install.