Renovo Stone has over  40 years of experience providing professional Installation for all types of Natural Stone in Los Angeles.  Whether it’s Granite Countertops InstallationMarble InstallationTravertine Installation or Tile Installation. Renovo Stone offers beautiful installations in an array of styles to suit your Kitchen, Floors, Bathrooms and taste. Our competitive prices for Marble Tile Installation, are sure to fit any budget.  Our professional Stone Installers are well trained. They respect the client’s home and living space. By being prompt and clean during the Stone Installation from start to finish.

Feel free to contact us at: (424) 230-3020 for any questions or concerns about all type of Marble Installation, Travertine Installation or Tile Installation.

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Marble Installation Los Angeles

Marble is form of limestone mined from natural stone deposits.  Every Marble Tile piece has natural variations that gives it a unique character to every piece. Marble Tile Installation in construction projects has been going on for hundreds maybe thousands of years. Nevertheless there is very few things that can match the look of Marble Tile floors in your home.  Renovo Stone know this and works hard to provide the best possible Marble Tile Installation  in Los Angeles.

Renovo Stone‘s  design team can assist you in choosing the right color and design for your Marble Tile Installation. Whatever you looking for Marble Tile Installation in your floor, kitchen or the bathroom. Renovo Stone works closely with you to  provide services like  scheduling, cost analysis and of course Installation.  Satisfaction for your Marble Tile Installation project always guarantee.

Renovostone Bathroom Tile

Travertine Installation Los Angeles

Travertine is a natural stone from the limestone family like Marble. in fact nature eventually turns  Travertine into marble. Travertine commonly comes in variations of beige, ivory and rust. Travertine tiles also come in different finishes like honed, polished and tumble. Travertine has a unique porous texture which makes it an exciting Stone solution for any surface. Travertine is very durable, stain resistant when properly sealed and is usually installed in Bathroom Vanities, floors, showers.  Installing Travertine is virtually the same as most Marble Tile Installations.

Renovo Stone can answer any question you may have regarding the Installation of Travertine floors, walls, showers or countertops. Our Travertine Installation experts have over 35 years on experience in properly installing and sealing Travertine.  With Renovo Stone you are in good hands.

Renovostone Travertinefloor

Tile Installation Los Angeles

Tile is a manufactured piece material such as stone, ceramic, metal, porcelain or even glass. Tile is typically used on floors, walls, showers, countertops or fireplaces. Renovo Stone strives to offer  the most professional installations. Along with innovative designs for floor, Kitchen and bathroom Tile Installations. Rest assured your Los Angeles Tile Installation will meet our standards for quality and excellence.

Marble Installation, Travertine Installation, Tile Installation are all made possible by Renovo Stone contact us for a free estimate at: (424) 230-3020

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