Cement Tiles

By Keith Nadolny,

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Cement tiles or hydraulic tiles are handmade colorful tiles used as floor coverings. They appeared in Catalonia in the 1850s, and have been widely used in Europe and America. They are mostly known throughout the world as encaustic cement tile.

Renovo Stone, we love beautiful encaustic cement tile. Encaustic cement tile is a great way to show off your style in any residential or commercial application on both walls and floors.

We have a beautiful selection of cement tiles and have supplied many projects successfully with a proven track record of delivering quality material. We offer beautiful patterns and solid colors as well as special order material. Since all patterns are handcrafted and created to your color specifications.

At Renovo Stone, we would be glad to answer any questions you may have or assist you any of your stone and tile projects. Browse our website, and look at our projects or blog for inspiration from recent commercial and residential.


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